Robinvale Sh*t Roads Consultation

MEMBER for Mildura Ali Cupper will be hosting a drop-in consultation in Robinvale on Friday, May 6, to give locals the opportunity to identify and discuss the worst roads in town.

Ms Cupper said road maintenance is an ongoing problem in the Murray Valley and residents have made their frustrations abundantly clear.

“The appalling condition of the Robinvale-Sea Lake Road was first brought to my attention during the 2018 election campaign,” she said.

“Following my election, I got to work and secured $12.9 million to fix it up. The initial $2.9 million was used to restore the speed limit to 100km/h, and the lion’s share of the final $10 million is about to be spent on other improvements.

“But as bad as it was, the Robinvale-Sea Lake Road was not the only sh*t road in Robinvale, far from it, and this is an opportunity to continue exploring that.”

The first task in roads advocacy is to establish who is responsible for what, because that can be quite a complicated picture.

“Some roads are the responsibility of the State Government and others are the remit of Council,” Ms Cupper said.

“As part of the consultation we will be able to provide residents with advice about which tier of Government is responsible for which road and divvy up the work from there.”

Ms Cupper will get to work on securing funding for any State Roads, and where necessary can assist with referrals to Council.

“Advocacy is a team effort and the best tool I can have in lobbying for funding is having good information and advice from the people on the ground,” she said.

“We are Victorians too and residents of the Murray Valley deserve to be safe.”

The Robinvale Sh*t Roads Consultation will be held at the Robinvale Golf Club, between 12pm and 2pm.

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