Politics can be a nasty, stressful, emotional, fulfilling, eye-opening line of work.

You can often see the best and the worst of people and places – celebrating in triumphs and successes one moment, and listening to stories of pain and frustration the next.

I am proud to serve the mighty electorate of Mildura. From Werrimull to Robinvale, Merbein to Wycheproof, we are a tough, resilient and innovative chunk of the state. I am incredibly proud to serve every person who calls this place home, no matter their story. And I hope to continue working hard to deliver more for the electorate.

But elections come at a cost.

The Nats and Liberals have already begun their attempts at re-taking the seat of Mildura – they’ll be pumping as much money and resources as they can into winning an electorate that the major parties have for so long forgotten about or taken for granted.

These parties have incredible resources and war chests at hand, backed by big business with interests that may not necessarily be what’s best for the people who live and work here.

This election will be financially competitive – it is an unfortunate reality, and one we cannot ignore.

Being proudly Independent, I get to wear my heart on my sleeve and fight for what’s right – bringing equity to a part of Victoria so often forgotten about in Spring Street – and we have delivered, without the puppet-strings of lobbyists or corporate donors that the major parties are swayed by on a daily basis.

But being Independent means we are reliant on our support from real people like you – people who are willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in. Whether it’s handing out How To Vote cards, maildropping, or even sticking a Corflute with my face on it in the front yard – we have the opportunity to run a people-powered campaign that’ll put the party election machines to shame.

We ask that if you can afford to contribute, please donate via the form below – every dollar counts, and every contribution – no matter how big or small – is incredibly appreciated.

This election will be gruelling and tough. But I know with your support, we can fight for a better future for the Mallee.
We are tough. We can do this.


Ali xx

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