About Ali

Alison Cupper, known as Ali (and occasionally, “that girl”), is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and Member of Parliament.

The idea that politics is personal is the cornerstone of Ali’s political work. It is deeply woven into everything she does.

Ali Cupper is a person first and a politician second. Politics is her passion and the reason she cares about politics in the first place is because she understands the profound impact that political decisions have on people everywhere, every day.

Education policy will directly affect her son – and all children. Health policy will directly affect her family – and every family. The idea that politics is personal is the cornerstone of Ali’s political work. It is deeply woven into everything she does.

In November 2018, Ali was elected as the first female Member for Mildura in the 59th Victorian State Parliament.

Ali’s work as a solicitor, family law mediator, senior child protection practitioner and lecturer in social work and social policy, has had a strong influence on her political work.

In 2012 Ali was elected as a councillor to Mildura Rural City Council and has held portfolios for Community Development, Community Services and Gender Equality during her tenure. She has also served as Deputy Mayor during her first year on Council and again in 2017-18.

Ali lives in Mildura with her husband, Ben, and their active and spirited little boy, Jed. They also have two rescue cats, Donny and Flossy.

Ali was born at the old Mildura Base Hospital and has lived in a number of local towns throughout her childhood and adolescence including Mildura, Irymple, Birdwoodton and Sunnycliffs. As a child she attended Pasadena Kindergarten, Irymple South Primary School, Irymple Secondary College and Mildura Senior College.

After finishing secondary school, Ali commenced tertiary study at Flinders University in Adelaide, graduating in 2004 with a Bachelor of Laws & Legal Practice and a Bachelor of International Studies, majoring in political science. After returning home to Mildura in 2005, she completed a Bachelor of Social Work at Latrobe University, graduating in 2009.

Ali’s family on her dad’s side has lived in the Mildura region for generations. Her grandparents were blockies at Birdwoodton, her great-grandparents were World War I soldier settlers and Millewa wheat farmers.

On her mum’s side, her grandfather was a builder and her great grandparents were miners and dairy farmers in the Daylesford region. Ali’s dad, Graeme, is a long serving local principal and her mum, Jude, was a stay at home mum for many years before returning to work as a winery worker.

Ali is a proud elder sister to Lizzie, a communications and psychology graduate based in Melbourne, and Paul, a film enthusiast and member of the Christie Centre community. Paul was diagnosed with Autism at an early age and the experience of having a sibling with a disability has strongly influenced Ali’s commitment to equity and social justice.

Apart from her great love of animals, Ali is a cable news addict and great admirer of art, fashion, coffee, wine and British comedy, especially Alan Partridge.


On 20th February 2019, Ali Cupper made history, becoming the first woman to stand up in the hallowed halls of the Legislative Assembly in Spring Street and represent the tough, diverse and hardworking people of the Mildura Electorate.

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